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Event handling

You can add event listener directly on node by getting node reference with querySelector method of view instance.

import Monkberry from 'monkberry';
import Template from './monkberry.monk';

const view = Monkberry.render(Template, document.body);

const node = view.querySelector('div');

node.addEventListener('click', (event) => { ... });

But this can be difficult when using ifs and for, because nodes can appear and disappear from view.

Event delegating

Better solution is using event delegating, install monkberry-events:

npm install monkberry-events --save

and import it once in your project. It will add two more methods on Monkberry instances: on and off.

import 'monkberry-events';

Now you can add event listener like this:

view.on('click', 'div', (event) => { ... });

Event listeners

Also there is another aproach using directives.

<div :onclick={{ this.handleClick }}>

See all available event listeners in monkberry-directives package.

Next, we describe how to use the component approach in Monkberry.

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